About Elite By StrideBox

What is The StrideBox Elite Project?

Since 2012, StrideBox has been helping you find your fast with products that help you perform better, be healthier, and have more fun. We've introduced tens of thousands of runners to products they normally wouldn't know they loved.

Now, we're changing how you go shopping for running and serious athletic apparel.

"Wow, I love running clothes!"

StrideBox Elite is a new way to find your speedy style. It combines three of our favorite things... running, fashion, and surprise. We put it all into one of the funnest things to ever hit your mailbox.

"Is this cool stuff?"

Our team of athletes, fashion experts, and buyers have been keeping tabs on trends and styles, and have looked for the best fashionable and functional styles and brands in order to keep you looking and feeling good in the gym, on the road, or on the trail.

This includes big brands like Nike, Adidas, Brooks, but also smaller, more exclusive brands that you may never have heard of.

"Cool clothes, awesome brands, does it get better?"

We're putting all of this together into a package we call StrideBox Elite. Each box is individually curated to your style and activity preferences with today's most fashionable and functional athletic wear and sent directly to your door, giving you value and convenience, along with a lot of fun.

"Let's go! What do I need to do?"

All it takes is a few questions to select your style, size, and favorite activities, and we'll do the rest. We'll make sure you look good, all you need to do is get out there and show it off.