Frequently Asked Questions About StrideBox Elite

What Does Elite Cost?

The basic Elite option is $59. This includes USPS Priority Rate shipping

What Do I Get in My Elite Box?

In each Elite Box is at least 2 apparel items chosen uniquely for you according to the size, style, and activity preferences you chose when ordering. You may also get some special add on items or other items in your box.

What Type Of Brands Will I Get?

We work with Brands of all sizes like Nike, Adidas, Brooks, New Balance, North Face and some smaller or newer exclusive brands.

What Type Of Pieces Will I Get?

Elite Box features some essential running gear pieces. Think running tank top, short sleeve or long sleeve performance shirts, running capris, shorts, and athletic pullovers or jackets. We also think about season, so when you order in the winter, the items will be different than in the summer.

Is Elite Box Worth The Cost?

Definitely! Our average Elite Box comes to $80 to $120 in value if you were to buy these items in a store.

Can I Choose What's In My Elite Box? 

At this time, we do not have an option to choose any items in your box other than the size, style, and activity options you choose when you order. (We are working on adding this feature.)

Will It Be an Outfit?

Many items featured in the Elite Box can be worn together, but it is not likely to be a directly matched outfit. You may get a pant/shirt combo, but you may also get a shirt/jacket combo. Again, not an outfit, but would look great together.

Will I Get The Same Things If I Order Again?

It is highly unlikely. Due to your preferences, and the season, we will always have new and different apparel to fill your Elite Box.

What If I Don't Like Something Or Everything In The Box?

If you don't like something in the box, we can work with you for returning it. Please check out our return policy if you have any further questions.

What If It Something Doesn't Fit?

Due to our inventory being so variable, we cannot always offer a replacement for fit, but we can work with you on a return. Please check out our return policy if you have any further questions.

When Does It Ship?

Our Elite Boxes are curated and ship every Thursday. Sometimes more often. You will receive a shipping confirmation with tracking.

How Does It Ship?

Each Elite Box ships via USPS Priority Mail, and will be delivered 2-3 business days after shipping.

What Does It Cost To Ship?

The $59 Elite Box includes the Priority Shipping cost. There is no additional cost for shipping the Elite Box.

Do You Ship Internationally?

We only ship to the United States at this time.

Can I Subscribe To Elite?

The Elite Box is not a subscription box. (We know it would be super awesome if it was... so we are working on adding this feature.)

Can I Order Elite Box As A Gift?

Of course you can. Simply make the size/style/activity choices you would like to send, and enter the recipients shipping address at checkout, and we'll curate an Elite Box and ship it directly to your gift recipient. You can even request to have us include a note under the "customer note" section in your cart.

It says "Sold Out" when I try to order, what does that mean?

Sometimes, we do not have certain sizes or styles in stock. If you try to choose a size that we are currently out of, the add to cart button will read "Sold Out". Please check back often as we are always getting new inventory in stock.

I don't see my question on this list, what do I do?

Simply head over to our customer service page and send us a message, we'll get back to you ASAP.