How Elite Works

Select Your Preferences:

Start with your preferences. Choose your preferred sizes for your body type, your style preference, and your preferred activities (other than running of course) Don't worry, there's also a place to add any additional info as well. Make sure to checkout, and we'll get to work!

We'll Shop For You:

After you select your options, our athletes and specialists will go to work to find you at least 2 pieces of high quality fashionable and functional active gear that match your style profile. We're not talking about $5 leggings from the local discount mall, we're talking about brands like Brooks, Adidas, Under Armor, along with some high quality smaller exclusive brands. All designed to give you great apparel at a great value!

Want More?

We may give you a few options before you checkout of some additional items to add to your Elite box. If you like, simply add it to your cart, and we'll make sure it shows up with your shipment.

Congrats, You're Elite!

Once your order is in, we'll pack your Elite Box, and get it sent out. You'll get a shipment tracking email when it is on it's way. Elite Boxes usually ship on Thursdays of each week, always by Priority Mail.

Come Back Anytime:

No two StrideBox Elite shipments are the same, so come back anytime. We continually find fun new running and athletic clothing, and are constantly updating our inventory with cool seasonal items. Change your style and activity preferences, or keep the same ones. You'll always be excited to see what your next Elite Box holds.